Contact Us

We're often in the bakery late at night, so the best time to reach us is during our office hours between noon to 5pm Monday to Sunday. We also do our best to answer urgent questions out of hours and on weekends, but please be patient if we can't get back to you until we're back in the office. We're here for you, bubbala!

We get questions on Facebook, Instagram, Email, SMS and phone, which is a lot of work for our artisan crew, so for the best response (and to not get lost in the shuffle), we highly recommend you email our ordering team here:

For urgent inquiries, you can also call us in the Marrickville bakery:

Office: 02 9158 9555

Please note that while we do our best to answer customer inquiries made on Facebook, Instagram, text and other emails, they may not receive as prompt of a response.